1998 Santiago, Chile, R.N.. tries the traditional art of  ilustration. His  works are rapidly to appear in newspapers and magazines.

1999 As of this date R.N.. abandons ilustration, and dedicates 80% of his time doing private research and taking photos for his personal pleasure.

2000 R.N. decides to tour other countries to present his images elsewhere, and starts up a collaboration with galeries at Peru, Argentina, Brasil, Italy, USA, and other countries. During all these years, his photographs are essentially of working people, young women, models, actrees and actors.

2001 Because of its perfect light, R.N.. takes most of his pictures during this period in Pirque at Santiago de Chile. This place became his natural studio for the next 12 months.

2002 Having received hundreds of letters from amateur photographers around the world familiar with his work through Internet and exhibitions , R.N.. decides to dedicate part of his time to the public with a passion for photography. For the big international photographic shows, he organises conferences, workshops, diaporamas and exhibitions in Chile, Peru, and Argentina.  The photographic Internet on-line magazines and newspapers publish his work.

2003 R.N.. changes direction and decides to dedicate most of his time photographing nudes  young women and taking portraits. Filled with a new energy, he travels Latinamerica in quest of new faces and magic places. Even if he has little time for his music, it is still very important for and accompanies him on every photographic session.



 Rodrigo Nuñez Montecino. Anyone that knows photography is familiar with his work. With thirty three years old  his  photography are the most beatifull fine artwork you can see.  Even without knowing him, there's a very good chance that you saw some of his photos because Rodrigo's photos were published mostly in Internet, and they are easy to find in many photo´s websites..


Rodrigo Nuñez  is one of the best Chilean master of artistic nudity, portraits, and close-up.

Alejandro Cohen Don Roberto

Blanca Lewin Luizo Vega

2004, R.N.. held workshops, diaporamas, exhibitions in Chile, Perú, Argentina, Brasil and other countries  and for now he is a very known teacher at Fotocine Club de Chile.





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